Lobster Design for Surfboard

Lobster Design for Surfboard

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This is an original design pattern digitally printed on rice paper to be laminated into your custom surfboard made by your local shaper. 

Be sure to order the correct size print for your board. 

ShortBoard Up to 6.6" x 22"

Midsize Board up to 8' x 23"

Longboard Board up to 9.6" x 25"

SUP Board up to 12" x 34"

*Please speak with your board shaper to make him/her aware of this step in the shaping process.

**This is not a surfboard but a design to go on your surfboard during the shaping process.


Fiberglass option available only upon request.

- tight woven 4oz Fiberglass delivers unbelievable print quality and ease of installation.   

- full product wrapping and in mold applications are now possible with this printed fiber glass.


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